Cross-program interaction and runtime environments

So far, the goal has been to allow as many unrelated programs as possible to exchange data, and to allow the programs themselves to run in as many environments and contexts as possible. The success of other similar solutions proves that this problem is very prevalent.

For example, OLE, COM, CORBA and ActiveX technologies allow different programs to connect, embed objects controlled by other programs and reuse code. The micro service architecture serves much the same purpose. The ability to use and distribute shared libraries across all popular operating systems is another reason to look for new ways to reuse code. The Java environment allows you to unbind software from a specific operating system and device type. Finally, the CLR technology (along with alternatives like Mono) allows you to unbind code base from both the platform and, to some extent, the language, which also provides new possibilities for code reuse.

In this sense Sivelkiria is just another step to making all solutions universal: any component developed for it is universal by definition.