About the project

Sivlkiria is an operating system at early stage of design and development. Its key features are as follows:

  1. API to all data types and algorithms that programs can work with are defined at operating system level. This guarantees compatibility of all programs running under this OS.
  2. Any software exists on this OS as a module which can be used in any compatible context, regardless of its origin and languages used, due to API transparance.
  3. The data in the system is organized by type, not by its origin or alignment affilation with specific platform. This makes it possible to use the most convinient UI to access any data.
  4. The components of any programs can be replaced with any other installed compatible ones on a user’s decision.
  5. The structure of API provided by the operating system allows it to separate application logic from system logic to the highest extent possible.
  6. The cross-device interaction is supported by the operating system for any software without the need to do additional coding.

The details on major design principles of “Sivelkiria” OS can be found here, while some less significant solutions are described here.

The major goal of “Sivelkiria” OS creation is to unify uncoordinated software solutions into a harmonic whole. This platform would guarantee accessibility of any data and programs in any context.

“Sivlelkiria” OS supports execution in the following modes:

  • as a primary operating system on users’s device;
  • as a server OS;
  • as an agent (a set of applications) under a host OS;
  • as an external component which exports installed modules’ API for the foreign software to use.

The current section of the site contains details on Sivelkiria OS objectives, concepts, features and design. Please refer to the following sections for more information: