Privacy Policy

We are Sivelkiria operating system development team. The purpose of this website is to establish project development and maintain neccessary infrastructure.

Any data you send to our site can be stored, processed and made publically available, if applicable. This includes, but is not limited to, the usernames, the comments, the authorization data, the files uploaded, version controlled contents, and so on.

Usernames, comments and any data uploaded to version control system are publically available since upload and for unspecified period of time. This data can be altered and/or removed by site administration at any time. Any visitor to this site may create copies of such data without prior notice. Reproducing such data is allowed on condition that links to originals are provided and any rules and conditions that are applied by current site’s administration are applied to the copies as well.

User identification data, such as IP addresses, passwords, temporary enter codes and cookie files, are stored securily by the site administration which makes neccessary steps to protect them. Such information shall not be passed to any third parties by the site administration, with the exception of data used to maintain this site functionality. User accounts, if any, are created by site administration on pre-request basis only.

Anonymous statistics can be collected and used for the purposes of maintaining this site. Such statistics can be made available to any parties without prior notes.

This site may use cookie files for the purposes of user identification, statistics collection, forms filling and maintaining this site in any other way. The user may clean such cookie data any time.

Any embedded content from other websites may be added to pages of this website and will behave in the exact same way as if the visitor has visited the website this contents belongs to, which includes using cookies, tracking options and so on.