The development

Currently, the project is at an early stage of design and development. All news are available in the ‘News’ section.

The project team forming is ongoing. Should you be interested to participate as a developer, as an architect, as a designer, as an engineer, as a technical writer, as a social media specialist or in any other role, kindly drop us a mail at

The format of the development (commercial or open source) is not defined yet. At this early stage, all source code will be available at our GitLab server, but this can change any time in case of project commercialization. If you are interested in financing the project in any way, or you consider it important to keep it a non-commercial one, please drop us a mail at

The source code of interfaces that are supported by the operating system will remain open in any case, as it is neccessary to develop software for “Sivelkiria”. These interfaces’ development will be performed by a community, because the software developers know what API they require the best. The details on API development process are highlighted here.

The development plans for the upcoming period are available here. The information on significant events in the project’s life are being published in the news section.

The following development infrastructure is available: