Frequently Asked Questions

This page aims to reply the questions that are asked most often. It will be updated if neccessary.

Q.: The need to coordinate each change to the interfaces used will complicate the development. Why not to allow custom interfaces support?
A.: Because this way the declared full compatibility of all programs will be lost from the very beginning. The Internet back when different browsers supported different tags due to spaces in the standard is a good illustration of destructiveness of such approach as it complicated Web pages development pretty much.
The environment allowing developers to define their own interfaces as needed has no difference with any other existing runtime environment (such as CLR or Java), none of which can claim to guarantee all programs’ APIs being fully compatible.

Q.: Isn’t it too late to create an OS for end user, considering that all services are now being actively migrated into the cloud?
A.: All services will never fit a single big cloud. There inevitably will be more than one such cloud, and Sivelkiria could hide the difference between them as well as support remaining local services (hardware control, local data storage, etc.). The programs deployed into the cloud could also benefit from using Sivelkiria’s capability to integrate various contents.