Terms and conditions

  1. This is a legally binding agreement between sivelkiria.org (and subdomains) website (the Site) administration and its users.
  2. Visiting this website or using it in any other way means agreement with this agreement.
  3. The purpose of the Site’s existance is to allow development of “Sivelkiria” operating system.
  4. The users may use the Site and its contents for any purpose which does not violate the laws of Russian Federation and other countries and any additional agreements and conditions (if applicable).
  5. Any actions with the Site directed to interruption of its normal service and/or getting unsanctioned access to the Site, its contents and/or infrastructure, are prohibited.
  6. The users may upload the data to the Site, given this data matches site’s subject and unless it:
    1. Violates the laws of Russian Federation and/or other countries;
    2. Doesn’t fit the subject of the Site;
    3. Breaks the Site’s structure;
    4. Aim to offend any party;
    5. Do not comply with the spirit of kind cooperation between the Site’s users;
    6. Are out of date or go inactual in any other way;
    7. By any other means are hindering the Site’s Administration from enabling the Site’s work and realizing the Site’s goal.
  7. The Site’s Administration reserves the rule to moderate, modify and/or delete any data that breaks the 6th paragraph of this Agreement.
  8. The Site’s Administration reserves the rule to use technical means to prevent those breaking this Agreement from accessing the Site.
  9. Current Agreement can be changed by the Site’s Administration without prior notice.